The Maggie Walker Governor’s School is a public school funded by the 12 school districts it serves and by the Commonwealth of Virginia, but there is a long history of additional support provided by public-private partnerships and by community volunteerism.

Resources from our Foundation, PTSA, and Booster Groups enable students to engage in curricular and co- and extra-curricular opportunities beyond that which are typically available in high school.  Such opportunities include an expansive slate of dual-enrollment university and AP courses; AP assessments; local, state, national, and international learning experiences; notable speakers; contemporary equipment and technology; athletic enhancements, etc.

Volunteer for Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School Global Speaker’s Bureau

Can you give an hour to speak to a language, global studies, science, or government class about your experiences? In that short time, you can make a world of difference.

We are assembling a database of parents and community presenters who are willing to share their expertise in:
Language fluency and colloquial conversation,
Living and working in a foreign country,
Traveling abroad for business or recreation,
Working collaboratively on business or social projects across the globe,
Conducting international business in person or via communications technology.

If you, your business, or a friend can help broaden our students’ horizons, please provide contact information and availability here and you may soon become a global resource.