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Fine Arts

The MLWGS Fine Arts program includes courses in visual art, drama, and music. Emphasis throughout the fine arts curriculum is placed on independent thinking and experiential activities. The department establishes clear links with national and state standards, while meeting the particular needs of gifted students. Instruction in the Fine Arts program emphasizes the development of literacy in each content area. For example, in studio art classes, students develop “visual literacy” by learning the particular “language” of the visual arts and producing works of art in a wide variety of art media. In addition, students have the opportunity to explore issues of aesthetics, to become intelligent critics of works of art, and to be exposed to practitioners of the arts so that they come to develop a real-life knowledge drawn from the experiences of these individuals.

The department focuses on the interconnectedness of the disciplines within the context of interdisciplinary global concepts. It is of utmost importance that instructional strategies provide conditions in which students develop their own particular talents, recognize multiple learning styles, and respect the integrity of each student’s personal creative expressions. The Fine Arts program provides a large number of students with outstanding elective courses in the arts. The department works with students who come with varying degrees of prior experience in these areas and encourages growth according to individual abilities and needs.

Courses offered may include:
Art I-V
Commercial Photography
Survey of World Art
Intermediate Orchestra
Wind Ensemble
Advanced Orchestra
Intermediate Jazz Band
Advanced Jazz Band
Jazz Improvisation
Concert Band
Integrated Music Theory
Film Studies