MLWGS Class of 2028 Orientation News

Block 1 & 3 AM; Field Day PM

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Special Schedule-Periods 1 and 3 AM Field Day PM

Warning Bell 8:35

Period 1           8:40-10:08       88 min  Announcements

Period 3           10:13-11:35     82 min

All classes must

  • Take down their decorations and clean up thoroughly at lunch, before their class meeting

11:35-12:15                             Lunch   40 min

12:30                               All students report to 5th period for attendance

12:20-12:30   Class Meetings                   30 min

Teachers with a 5th period class should migrate to the class meeting that is in line with the majority of your students (i.e., if the largest percentage of your students are juniors, then migrate to the junior class meeting).  Classes will be called on the P.A. system.

The plan calls for teachers who did not proctor the PSAT to provide assistance with field day. 

Freshman                                Outside on the Field

Sophomores                            Cafeteria

Juniors                                     Gym

Seniors                                    Auditorium

Pep Rally-Fall Sports              12:35-2:00                     Holdren Field

Field Games                            2:00-3:15                    Holdren Field

Dismissal                                 3:15

Warning Bell For Bus Departure 3:15 P.M.

Buses Depart 3:20 P.M.