Testing Lab (Room 203)

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Starting the second week of school, Mon Sept 11

After school 3:30 – 5 pm in room 202

Mondays (Anna Shore)

Wednesdays  (John Piersol)

Thursdays (Amy Maxey)


Teachers: How can you utilize our services?

Arrange with the student when the assessment is to be completed in our testing lab.

Write the  STUDENT NAME and YOUR NAME on the top of the assessment that needs to be made-up or completed. Be sure to indicate any special directions (calculator use allowed or not, open book or notes, etc.) and attach unique information such as reading prompt, periodic table that the assessment requires.

Place the assessment into the Mailbox “Testing/ writing lab” in the main office before the arranged test date, no later than 3 pm.

If you don’t provide the assessment directly to us (but instead give it to the student), we cannot validate the integrity of your test/quiz.


What do we do?

We will gather the assessment from the mailbox by 3 pm on each test lab day. We will place these in your file in our locked file cabinet, found in room 200.

We will have students sign in, provide the test or quiz from you, and monitor the student during the assessment. Upon completion, the student is directed to sign out. We return the completed assessment to your mailbox at the end of the evening.


Additional information?

If you need to remove or replace a test that has been filed, just contact us / place a new test in the mailbox with a note.  Any other questions, please contact any of the three of us.