School Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School Advisory Council (SAC) is to serve in an advisory capacity to enhance the quality of education, to promote comprehensive educational opportunities, to support the effective components of the existing programs, and to ensure that the MLWGS mission is achieved.        


SAC Meeting Minutes 2016-17 Minutes
Grade Point Committee  Report
SAC Report to RSB June 2016 Report
SAC Meeting Minutes 2015-16 Minutes
SAC By-laws By-Laws


SAC General Email


2016-2017 SAC Members

Leslie Hausser, Chesterfield, Director’s appointee, Chairperson

Laura Razzolini, Chesterfield, PTSA, Vice Chairman

Kerry Sheppard, faculty, Secretary

Kristina McCullough, Powhatan, PTSA, Historian

Dawn Grois, faculty

John Walter, faculty

Barbara Marshall, staff

Jewel Caven, Richmond, PTSA

Eric Lowell, Henrico, PTSA

Maureen Moslow-Benway, Powhatan, PTSA

Cynthia Kostelecky, Richmond, PTSA

Brick Brickley, Henrico, PTSA

Catherine Qian, Henrico, SCA

Will Larson, Hanover, SCA

Mara Guyer, Chesterfield, SCA

Zachary Troidle, Chesterfield, SCA

Max Smith, administrator

Beth Bortz, Richmond, director’s appointee

Raye Rector, Goochland, planning committee

2016-2017 SAC Subcommittee Reports


The Calendar Sub-Committee was tasked to provide input into the creation of the 2016-2017 MLWGS school calendar.  The 2016-2017 calendar can be found on the MLWGS website.


Maggie L. Walker is committed to the core belief that the availability and effective use of current

instructional technology is essential to meet the school’s mission of developing gifted students’

ability to contribute, collaborate, and lead.

In the 2015-2016 school year, we assisted Maggie Walker’s Technology Infrastructure Team with the development of the 3-year strategic technology plan.

In the 2016-2017 school year, we are looking for specific ways to continue supporting the 6 Goals of the strategic technology plan:

Goal 1: [data-driven decision-making]: The community of MLWGS will use technology to support a culture that utilizes data and research to inform decision-making.

Goal 2: [communicating vision]: The technology and leadership teams of MLWGS will communicate the vision, goals, and objectives of this technology plan to the broader MLWGS community.

Goal 3: [teacher proficiency]: Teachers will engage students in curricular content and interdisciplinary collaboration through the meaningful and effective use of technology in support of our mission as a school for Government and International Studies.

Goal 4: [student proficiency]: Students will apply technology effectively to demonstrate their understandings of the curriculum and pursue profound and connected learning related to their personal interests.

Goal 5: [infrastructure and resources]: The community of MLWGS will maintain a technical infrastructure and curricular framework that provides multiple modes for delivering instruction, and human and technological resources to support teaching and learning at school and within the wider global community.

Goal 6: MLWGS will provide a safe, secure, and effective educational technology environment for students, staff, and parents.

Global Outreach

Our mission is to support the efforts of the faculty and the school to provide opportunities that expand our student’s cultural competency and leadership skills through global engagement.

We are guided by the principles of:

  • providing meaningful opportunities for engagement
  • to the maximum number of students and teachers
  • across the curriculum
  • cost-effectively and sustainably
  • as led by our teachers

Our goals for this year (2016-2017) : See Report


The marketing committee had two primary focuses: how SAC itself is represented on the MLWGS website and how the school as a whole can be better marketed toward prospective students and their parents.

  • The committee suggested that SAC get its own page on the MLWGS site to outline its job, members, and work, full with the entity’s bylaws and subcommittee reports. This very page is the fruition of the idea.
  • The committee also worked to develop plans for a promotional video. The video, to be no more than five minutes in length is to include B-roll, filmed interviews, and other edited content and can be shown at events to explain the program in a visual format. Students, teachers, and administrators will be featured, talking about what MLWGS means to them and explaining the unique features of the school. As this committee will be continued in the next school year, further planning and eventual filming of this short movie should commence then.