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School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a cross-functional group of parents, teachers, students, alumni, and staff that work to support MLWGS in achieving its mission of providing exceptional students with an exceptional environment and opportunities. 

SAC consists of 18 representatives from the above groups and meets monthly as a team; however, conducts most of its work in smaller committees.  6 members of SAC are parents chosen by the PTSA, 4 are students (2 juniors and 2 seniors chosen from an application process), 4 are teachers or staff members, up to 3 are Director appointees (including 1 alumnus), 1 from the school administration, and 1 from the Planning Committee.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School Advisory Council (SAC) is to serve in an advisory capacity to enhance the quality of education, promote comprehensive educational opportunities, support the effective components of the existing programs, and ensure that the MLWGS mission is achieved.       


SAC Reports to RSB


June 2025  
June 2024 Report
June 2023 Report
June 2022 Report
June 2021 Report
June 2020 Report
June 2019 Report
June 2018 Report
June 2017 Report
Grade Point Committee (2016) Report
June 2016 Report

Organizational Documents

2024-2025 SAC Members

  • TBD, —, Chair
  • Bethany Brady Spalding, PTSA, Vice-Chair
  • TBD, Secretary
  • TBD, Historian 
  • Jill Bowman, Chesterfield, PTSA
  • Afrikka Ennis, Chesterfield, PTSA
  • Allison Dunaway, PTSA
  • Asima Chakravorty, PTSA
  • Laura McCoy, Henrico, PTSA
  • TBD, faculty liason
  • TBD, faculty
  • TBD, faculty
  • TBD, faculty
  • Hillary Gawne, faculty
  • Sonia Chornodolsky, Senior Representative
  • Sophia Watson, Senior Representative
  • TBD, Junior Rep
  • TBD, Junior Rep
  • TBD, director’s appointee 
  • Dr. Lisa Williams, administration, director’s appointee
  • TBD, alumni, director’s appointee 
  • Lynn Pleveich, Richmond, Planning Committee