MLWGS Class of 2028 Orientation News

Mission Statement

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive educational opportunities that advance gifted students’ understanding of world cultures and languages. Our diverse and supportive community develops students’ character and ability to contribute, collaborate, and lead.


The four pillars of The Walker Way are courage, compassion, community, and collaboration—all alliterative “C” words.  The framework of The Walker Way is based on the life and legacy of our school’s namesake and we are conveying to students that Maggie Walker used her resources and influence to promote equality and that she demonstrated courage and compassion to inspire collaboration that improved her community.

Here is a brief descriptor of each pillar:

  • Courage “The Walker Way” means demonstrating fortitude, persistence, and integrity when confronting challenges. 
  • Compassion “The Walker Way” means possessing a sense of empathy for the plight of others and a willingness to serve in order to improve the circumstances of others.
  • Community “The Walker Way” means understanding and accepting differences, but also acknowledging and celebrating the connectedness of the human experience.
  • Collaboration “The Walker Way” means harmoniously working together and using critical thinking skills to achieve a common goal.