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Attention Incoming Freshmen, Class of 2023
Placement Test for Students Interested in Taking Algebra II Plus

Step 1: Access the Test

Print the test if you wish but do not preview the test prior to completing it.

Algebra 2 Skills Assessment

Step 2: Take the Test

You must complete the test in one sitting of 75 minutes or less.  You may use scratch paper but NO CALCULATORS ARE PERMITTED.

Step 3: Enter Your Answers

After completing the test, submit your answers using the following link: sure to enter your name!!  When completed, you will immediately receive a score and will be able to see which problems you missed.  See placement test letter from mailing with details.

The test must be completed by April 21st.  Course information will be available on April 23rd during Freshman Registration when you sign up for your classes.  You should visit the Math table in the gymnasium, where teachers will be available to respond to any questions you have pertaining to the placement test and to sign your registration form for plus classes. 

If you have any questions about taking this test and submitting results, please email Connie Hill, the math department chair, at


The MLWGS Mathematics program is a rigorous college preparatory course of study. Emphasis throughout the mathematics curriculum is placed on communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, and logical reasoning. These aims are achieved by using a variety of pedagogical methods including collaborative learning, technology-based learning, discovery through manipulatives, and the utilization of real-world applications. A variety of assessment techniques are used to account for different learning styles and individual strengths or interests. As a minimum for graduation, all students must complete a core sequence of courses through Trigonometry and Mathematical Analysis. In addition, the mathematics department offers a variety of elective courses including AP, dual enrollment, and independent research.  Opportunities to develop and expand learning are present not only in the classroom but also through various department-sponsored programs and extracurricular activities.

Courses offered typically include:
Algebra II
Algebra II Plus
Trigonometry and Mathematical Analysis
Trigonometry and Mathematical Analysis Plus
Contemporary Discrete Mathematics
Business Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Calculus With Analytic Geometry I
Calculus II
Theory of Probability, Statistics, and Research
Advanced Modeling Applications With Calculus
Multivariable Calculus
Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
Linear Algebra