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Science is an integral part of the entire educational process at MLWGS and exposes students to investigations that stimulate the processes of thinking and reasoning. The study of all fields of human endeavor benefits from open-ended investigations that are hands-on and intellectually engaging. This process promotes students’ development and use of high-order thinking skills. Students who actively participate in the science classroom are directly involved in the scientific enterprise which produces skills that are life-long, that outlast the retention of pure content, and that prepare the individual to contribute to the assessments and solutions of global problems.  Opportunities to develop and expand learning are present not only in the classroom but also through various department-sponsored programs and extracurricular activities.

Courses offered typically include:
Molecular Biology
AP Biology
Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Plus
AP Chemistry
Physics Plus
AP Physics C
AP Environmental Science
Anatomy and Physiology
Forensic Chemistry
Introduction to Engineering
VCU dual enrollment Physiological Psychology
Human Genetics and Biotechnology