Attention Juniors and Parents of Juniors

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Photograph by Michael White

Soon juniors will be meeting with counselors to discuss their academic schedules for their senior year at MLWGS.  One major decision that they will have to make involves the Senior Seminar Program.  At Maggie Walker, each senior must either enroll in a seminar class or apply to complete a mentorship to fulfill the Senior Seminar requirement.  Information regarding this program and the selection process can be found on Schoology.  Each Junior Student has been admitted to a Schoology Group called “The Senior Seminar/Mentorship Decision.”  All juniors and their parents should visit this Schoology Group to learn more about the Senior Seminar Program.  This Schoology group provides descriptions of the seminar courses, mentorship application information, and deadlines for the decision-making process.  If you have questions after visiting Schoology, please email Les Cook, the Senior Seminar/Mentorship Coordinator, at  The deadline for making the decision and ranking seminars is 1/18/21.