Good luck to MW’s ‘We the People’ competitors at the Virginia state championship, January 24

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VA Civics We the People Medals

Photo credit: VA Civics

The Virginia State ‘We the People’ Finals are here. The event is open to supporters. Come see what Virginia’s best and brightest students think about government issues. 

Students are divided into units and prepare a presentation on their focus area then participate in simulated congressional hearings on a wide variety of topics from natural rights to immigration and Congressional representation.

The MLWGS team will be in Charlottesville on January 24th.  Good luck team members!

Team Sponsor and Teacher: Mr. Sam Ulmschneider

 Team Members:

Naija S. Barakat (Chesterfield)
Caroline M. Brickley (Henrico)
Alexander F. Broening (Richmond)
Maximilian B. Broening (Richmond)
Emma K. Chun (Henrico)
Stella C. Davies (Richmond)
Katherine S. Farmer (Richmond)
Emily R. Frame (Powhatan)
Kailey M. Gagne (Hanover)
Isabelle R. Giorgis (Hanover)
Mary Caroline Heinen (Richmond)
Jacob S. Honig (Richmond)
Abigail D. Joyce (Chesterfield)
Kaya E. Lee (Chesterfield)
Grace L. May (Hanover)
Cameron D. Nessar (Henrico)
Julia A. Ochsenhirt (Henrico)
Henry L. Paulson (Richmond)
Holly S. Stephens (Henrico)
Donovan K. Stollsteimer (Chesterfield)
Christopher J. Walker (Richmond)
Lida H. Wolman (Henrico)
Jacqueline L. Yu (Henrico)
Richard G. Zhai (Henrico)