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MW Music Students Earned Seats Through Auditions to Participate in Central Regional Orchestra

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Maggie Walker music students earned seats through auditions to participate in Central Regional Orchestra Feb. 2-3, 2018 at Manchester High School.

 2018 CRO photo

M From left to right:

Mira Eisenhauer (Henrico, 2021), A Orchestra, Cello, seat 7

Amanda Perez (Henrico, 2021), A Orchestra, Violin 2, seat 14 

Ananya Shah (Henrico, 2021), A Orchestra, Violin 1, seat 12

Viggy Bankuru (Chesterfield, 2021), A Orchestra, Violin 1, seat 11

Adhvikaa Ambikapathi-Revathi (Henrico, 2021), B Orchestra, Viola, seat 4

Shannen Amoako (Chesterfield, 2021), B Orchestra, Violin 2, seat 9