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Wells Fargo Cup for 2018-19 Athletics Announced-MLWGS takes its 6th consecutive cup

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Auburn, Maggie Walker, Western Albemarle, Blacksburg, Deep Run, and Cosby claim

Wells Fargo Cup for Athletics; Each school reclaimed its 2017-18 Wells Fargo Cup

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA —Auburn, Maggie Walker, Western Albemarle, Blacksburg, Deep Run, and Cosby all re-claimed the top spots again from the previous year in VHSL athletic competition for the 2018-19 school year winning the coveted Wells Fargo Cup for Classes 1 through 6.  This is the first time in Cup history that all six schools repeated as Cup champions during the current six-classification system. It happened once during the three classification system (2008-09 and 2009-10). See below for year-by-year results.

        Notables include – Auburn won its third Cup in three years in Class 1 winning six state titles (Boys/Girls Cross Country, Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis, Baseball, and softball) …Maggie Walker earned its sixth straight Cup in Class 2 while winning nine state titles (Boys Cross Country, Girls Swimming, Boys/Girls Indoor Track, Boys/Girls Outdoor Track, Girls Soccer, and Boys/Girls Tennis …In Class 3, Western Albemarle claimed the schools’ 5th Cup title-winning eight state titles (Boys Cross Country, Boys/Girls Swimming, Girls Indoor Track, Boys/Girls Soccer, Boys/Girls Tennis) …In Class 4, Blacksburg won 3 state titles (Boys Swimming, Girls Indoor Track, and Girls Outdoor Track) and earned the school’s 14th Cup title, fourth straight, and ninth in the past 11 years …Deep Run won its third straight Cup title in Class 5 and won 3 state titles (Boys Cross Country, Golf, and Girls Tennis) …Cosby won for the third time in Class 6.

        First awarded in 1990, the Wells Fargo Cup goes to the school in each group classification that has achieved the best overall record in VHSL state-level competition in 27 sports – the state champions’ state champion.

        Cups are presented for athletic and academic activities to the top school in each of the League’s enrollment Classifications.  George Wythe-Wytheville, Maggie Walker, Turner Ashby, Blacksburg, Massaponax, and James Robinson were announced earlier as 2018-19 winners for academic activities.

        The winner of the Wells Fargo Cup is determined by a point system based on performance in state championship events.  Points are awarded for all sanctioned sports in the following manner.

        First place                     50                   Fifth place                     30

        Second place                45                   Sixth place                     25

        Third place                    40                   Seventh place               20

        Fourth place                 35                   Eighth place                  15

        In the event of a tie, the schools received an equal number of points based on the number of schools that tie and the number of schools that finish higher in the standings.  For example, semifinal losers split third and fourth place points (37.5 points each).

        Schools earning the League’s Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity Award earn 50 points each.

        Cosby athletes scored a total of 352.5 points to win the Class 6 crown, with James River-Midlothian finishing second with 315 points.  Cosby scored 195 points in the fall followed by 45 points in the winter and 195 points in the spring. Rounding out the top five in Class 6 were James Robinson (307.5), James Madison (295), and First Colonial (287.5).

        In Class 5, Deep Run claimed the top spot accumulating 550 points followed by Freedom-South Riding (347.5), Mills Godwin (245), Maury (295), and Princess Anne (277.5). Deep Run totaled 280 fall points, 47.5 winter points, and 22.5 spring points.

        In Class 4, Blacksburg totaled 610 points. The Bruins earned 205 fall points, followed by 190 points in the winter, and 215 points in the spring.  Riverside finished second with 465 points, followed by Loudoun Valley with 385 points, Midlothian with 371.25 points, and Grafton rounding out the top five with 277.5 points each.

        In Class 3, Western Albemarle accumulated 777.5 points to claim the top spot. The Warriors totaled 142.5 points in the fall followed by 217.5 points in the winter and 417.5 points in the spring.  Tabb (462.5), Brentsville District (347.5), Hidden Valley (337.5), and York (302.5) rounded out the top five in the Class 3 Cup final standings.

        Maggie Walker won athletic honors for the sixth straight year in Class 2 scoring 667.5 points followed by five-time Cup champion George Mason in second place with 415 points.  The Dragons were a model of consistency throughout the year scoring 112.5 points in the fall; 232.5 points in the winter, and 322.5 points in the spring. Rounding out the top five was seven-time Cup champion Radford (322.5), Poquoson (247.5), and East Rockingham (210).

        In Class 1, Auburn returned to the top spot earning 605 points. The Eagles scored 182.5 fall points followed by 87.5 winter points and 335 spring points. Riverheads (357.5), George Wythe-Wytheville (260), Galax (240), and Lancaster (240) filled out the remaining spots in the top five.               

        “We congratulate all the schools who competed in this year’s VHSL championship events,” said John W. “Billy” Haun, Ed.D., VHSL executive director.  “We especially congratulate the best of the best and we thank Wells Fargo for supporting this important recognition.”

        The Wells Fargo Cup athletic and academic winners will be recognized during VHSL Day at a University of Virginia football game and Virginia Tech football game this fall.

        Attached are complete listings of the final Wells Fargo Cup athletic standings for spring sports and for the full year.  

Wells Fargo Cup winners for achievement in athletic activities from 1990-2019:

Year                        Group A                                             Group AA                                  Group AAA

1990                        Sussex Central                                     Blacksburg                                  Frank W. Cox

1991                        Sussex Central                                     Blacksburg/Tabb                         Woodbridge

1992                        Sussex Central                                     Tabb                                            Langley

1993                        Strasburg                                            Blacksburg                                  Frank W. Cox

1994                        Glenvar                                               Tabb                                            Woodbridge

1995                        Buffalo Gap                                         Nansemond River                       Centreville

1996                        George Mason                                    William Byrd                               Frank W. Cox

1997                        Central-Woodstock                             William Byrd                               Frank W. Cox

1998                        Central-Woodstock                             William Byrd                               Lake Braddock

1999                        Strasburg                                            John Handley                              Frank W. Cox

2000                        New Kent                                            John Handley                              Frank W. Cox

2001                        Brentsville District                              Jamestown                                 Lake Braddock

2002                        Brentsville District                              Jefferson Forest                          Centreville

2003                        Brentsville District                              Blacksburg                                  Lake Braddock

2004                        Radford                                               Western Albemarle                    Frank W. Cox

2005                        Clarke County                                      Western Albemarle                    Lake Braddock

2006                        Clarke County                                      Hidden Valley                             Frank W. Cox

2007                        Clarke County                                      Blacksburg                                  Frank W. Cox

2008                        Radford                                               Western Albemarle                    Frank W. Cox

2009                        George Mason                                    Blacksburg                                  Frank W. Cox

2010                        George Mason/Radford                     Blacksburg                                  Frank W. Cox

2011                        Radford                                               Hidden Valley                             Western Branch

2012                        George Mason                                    Blacksburg                                  Cosby

2013                        George Mason                                    Blacksburg                                  Oakton

Year              1A                        2A                              3A                        4A                              5A                        6A

2014        Radford       Maggie Walker         Blacksburg                Midlothian                    Hickory            James Robinson

2015        Radford       Maggie Walker         Lafayette                   Midlothian                    Hickory            Oakton

2016        Auburn        Maggie Walker         Blacksburg                Hanover/Lafayette       Hickory            James Robinson

2017        Radford       Maggie Walker         Blacksburg                Jamestown                   Deep Run        Oakton

2018        Auburn        Maggie Walker         Western Albemarle  Blacksburg                    Deep Run        Cosby

2019        Auburn        Maggie Walker         Western Albemarle  Blacksburg                    Deep Run        Cosby