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Dragons Dominate in Math Modeling Contest

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MLWGS placed a record nine teams in the semifinals of this year’s Modeling The Future Challenge.  There are 78 total semifinalists, and MLWGS has the most of any school in the country!  Next up for our teams is the project phase which concludes on Friday 26 February.  

Math Modeling students are taught by Mr. Dickson Benesh.  Congratulations on an outstanding effort by the MW Dragons and Mr. Benesh!

MLWGS teams:

Ambikapathi Revathi, Adhvikaa

Heckel, Carleigh

Quach, Michelle

Tang, Ivory


Bampton, Nathaniel

Benesh, Elijah

Shepard, Benjamin

Urena, Jayson


Malani, Shreya

Ramesh, Rahul

Telfer, Gavin

Warner, Joshua


Dunn, Logan

Feehan, Hugh

Hamilton, Eric

Le, David


Lamb, Taylor

Muthusamy, Tejas

Ringer, Ethan

Slayton, Keriann

Staley, John


Barretto, Adriel

Green, Quinn

Iyer, Kapil

Wilson, Ryland


Agrawal, Ankit

Buro, Bethany

Gillam, Grace

Gunlicks, Chason


Fee, Zachary

Hall, James

Zoller, Hunter

Zhang, Ken


Blue, Elizabeth

Macon-Goudeau, Kailliou

Unice, Charles

Van De Putte, Andrew