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Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School 2020 SAT Achievement vs Virginia and National Public School Mean Scores

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MLWGS graduates outperformed their nationwide and Virginia peers on the SAT in 2020, according to data released by the College Board, the non-profit organization that administers the college admissions test. Overall, Virginia high school seniors achieved an average combined score of 1116, which was 65 points higher than the national average, while Walker students scored a combined 1400, an impressive 349 points higher than the national average.

Of the 58,485 Virginia 2020 graduates who took the SAT, 55% met or exceeded the College Board’s college-readiness benchmarks in both reading and writing, and mathematics. Nationwide, 45% of SAT takers met the readiness standard on both sections of the test.

Sixty-five percent of Virginia’s 2020 graduates took the SAT, making it by far the most popular college admissions test in the commonwealth. Approximately 2,700 fewer Virginia graduates took the SAT due to the curtailment of spring SAT testing because of the coronavirus pandemic.

                                                                   SAT SCORES

    2020 Overall (1600 Scale)         2020 Reading & Writing                2020 Mathematics

MLWGS Virginia Nation MLWGS Virginia Nation MLWGS Virginia Nation
1400 1116 1051 710 567 528 691 549 523

Source: Virginia Department of Education News and College Board