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‘We the People’ Regional competition on December 2nd. UPDATE!

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Photography by Michael White

Congratulations on winning Regionals!   Yea….

We would like to wish Mr. Sam Ulmschneider and the students of ‘We the People’ good luck at their regional competition on December 2nd. Dragons, you have worked hard in preparation for this day!

‘We the People’ competition seeks to teach high school students the basic tenets of the U.S. Constitution and how they apply to the country’s democracy and the lives of its citizens.

MLWGS is the current defending WTP national champion and has been consistently successful in competitions having won the national title five times in the 30+year history of the competition. 

Senior team members are:

Lauren Blake (Richmond)

Alice Bowman (Chesterfield)

Yuna Chen (Henrico)

Jackson DeHaven (Hanover)

Lucia Gambacini (Chesterfield)

Lucille Holmstrom (Chesterfield)

Rehaan Jain (Chesterfield)

Devesh Kumar (Henrico)

Isabella List (Chesterfield)

Bernard Samuel McNamee (Chesterfield)

Hareem Mubashar (Chesterfield)

Rohini Mudinur (Henrico)

Emmalia Notarnicola (Richmond)

Sophia Pareti (Chesterfield)

Catherine Pinar (Chesterfield)

Bridget Plank (Richmond)

Timothy Porter (Henrico)

Imran Aly Rassiwalla (Henrico)

Avery Redmond (Chesterfield)

Yash Saxena (Henrico)

Skylar Schuetze (Henrico)

Nathaniel Stewart (Chesterfield)

Caden VanValkenburg (Richmond)

Natalie Xie (Henrico)