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Course Catalog

Course Catalog 2021-2022    

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School offers courses in all disciplines.  While government and international studies are its themes, the comprehensive program at MLWGS allows a flexible approach for students to understand the growing inter-connectedness of the international community.  In addition to government and international studies, students’ interests in science, mathematics, the arts, international languages, or other academic areas may serve as focal points for their understanding of the world.
Curricula are developed and delivered reflecting best practices in gifted education.

The following is a sampling of components utilized to serve this purpose:
Core Courses
Advanced Placement Courses
Dual Enrollment University Courses
Mentorships, Seminars, Service Learning
Student-Generated Curricula
Cooperative Learning Experiences
Experiential Learning Experiences (including international travel)
Individual Research Projects
Interdisciplinary Connections