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Earlier this week I received a message from a professional (who is not associated with MLWGS) that attended the Math Modeling Competition in New York on Monday. The message spoke to the quality of teaching and learning that exists at MLWGS in and across disciplines. As you know, quality in education has to do with not only the written, taught, and assessed curriculum but it also has to do with the hidden curriculum (i.e., lessons that are taught through expectation and witness of interaction between/among/with each member of our staff and faculty; the knowledge and commitment of staff; the depth and pedagogical content knowledge of teachers). The traits of character and intellect that are developed at MLWGS through curricular, co-, extra-, and hidden curricular activities are not isolated to Math Modeling but express in every aspect of student life. The message below is thus shared by each member of our staff and each teacher, by each student, each club, each team, and each competitor. Go Dragons!

“The success of the modeling team speaks volumes for the talents of these students, but it also says a lot about the quality of the education across disciplines at Maggie Walker Governor’s School. Mathematical modeling requires much more than mathematics, because it is using mathematics to understand how the world works. A performance like that of your team in the Moody’s Challenge requires knowledge from the natural sciences, and perhaps even more from the social sciences; it requires computer programming, and most importantly, an ability to write clearly and persuasively, and explain complicated ideas in written form. Please extend my congratulations to the entire Maggie Walker faculty, for they all share in the student’s accomplishments, because they all contributed to it.”

Best wishes for an awesome weekend!