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MLWGS band ensemble performs at the Altria Theater January 21

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Thirteen MLWGS band students performed for an audience of 3,500 live and 1,500 virtual audience members at the Altria Theater on Saturday, January 21. This performance, hosted by the Richmond Forum, was in support of Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa, who spoke about the integrity of facts in the internet age. The MLWGS Band is the largest ensemble to perform for the forum at the Altria, and only the second public school ensemble to perform at a speaker event.

Student performers:

Matthew Bond

Pooshan Chaudhuri

Grace Crislip

Ella Forlin

Emily Garloff

Qingyuan Hu

Michael Klausner

Kate Lindley

Zachary Mazzo

Hudson Pitchford

Henry Walworth

Lucy Whealton

Melody Yuan