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The 2023 Pat Taylor Teaching Award goes to Dan Brown

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The 2023 Patricia E. Taylor Teaching Award for International Experience has been awarded to MLWGS social studies teacher Dan Brown.

Dan’s proposal is titled: Monuments, Museums, Memorials, and Architecture: What They Tell Us About Germany’s Evolution as a Social Democracy

Dan’s travel to Germany will include Munich, Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Dachau, Nuremberg, and Potsdam. Dan will use his International Travel Experience to:

  • Trace the development of the four main systems of government that Germany has utilized over the past centuries as well as the forces that helped shape each government
  • Examine how Germany’s history and earlier forms of government influenced the development of the present-day government
  • Share with his students his deepened understanding of the historical context for the development of Germany’s current government; teaching them how to interpret monuments, museum collections, and architecture to make connections to contemporary Germany’s government and society

Congratulations, Mr. Brown.