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Honor at MLWGS

The Maggie Walker Honor Council strives to foster the community of trust that is unique to Maggie Walker and to preserve the integrity of our students’ accomplishments by upholding the standards outlined in Policy 4000.

Policy 4000-Student Honor Code

The Honor Council aims to:

  • serve as an ally to the student body by educating the community on honor and acting as a resource for matters related to academic integrity;
  • enforce a sense of mutual respect in the community by promoting accountability and instilling principles of honor within students that will stay with students throughout their lives

Policy 4000 defines the Maggie Walker honor code and is the primary resource in matters related to student integrity. This document includes the statement of honor and describes how students are responsible for upholding their commitment to honor by avoiding lying, cheating, and stealing. Policy 4000 also describes the roles of teachers, administrators, and parents in sustaining Maggie Walker’s community of trust. The duties of the Student Honor Council and the adjudication procedures for honor code violations are also outlined in Policy 4000.


Honor Council Instagram: @mlwgshonorcouncil

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Current Members

Faculty Sponsor: Max Smith

Senior Representatives: Alan Watts (Chair), Mallory French, Anandita Sharma

Junior Representatives: Katie Hollister (Secretary), Charlotte Bray, Audrey Paulson

Sophomore Representatives: Carleigh Brescia, Kamna Kalkunte, Shabaz Wali

Freshmen Representatives: