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2020-21 Scholastic Writing Awards results are announced – 15 Dragons win Awards!

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We are very excited to announce that (15) students were recently honored with (20) 2020-2021 Scholastic Writing Awards including (3) Gold Keys, (5) Silver Keys, and (12) Honorable Mentions.  

Congratulations to the following writing winners:

Jedda Arnold— Grade 11–Honorable Mention—An Unimportant Life–John Piersol

Paxton Calder—Grade 11–Gold Key—Flash Fiction—The Figure–Lisa Williams

Paxton Calder—Grade 11–Honorable Mention—Poetry—“Ladybugs”–Lisa Williams

Ronit Jain—Grade 11–Honorable Mention—Flash Fiction—“Nameless”–Lisa Williams

Ala Killen—Grade 10–Honorable Mention—Poetry—“Stardust and Things”–Jeff Hall

Ala Killen—Grade 10–Honorable Mention—Poetry—“The Darkness Beneath the Dirt”–Jeff Hall

Natalie Koehn-wu—Grade 9–Honorable Mention—Short Story—The Perfect Smile–Michele Surat

Natalie Koehn-wu—Grade 9–Silver Key—Short Story—The Stranger’s Gift–Michele Surat

Isabel Li—Grade 12–Gold Key—Personal Essay & Memoir—The Dog Tied to the Shed–Ed Coleman

Pooja Muthuraj—Grade 10–Honorable Mention—Poetry—“ Nothing: A Violin and Cello Arrangement”–John Piersol

Lexi Pasternak—Grade 11–Silver Key—Personal Essay and Memoir—“Reservations”–Ed Coleman

Bridget Plank—Grade 9–Honorable Mention–Personal Essay & Memoir—Over the Edge—Michele Surat

Aashika Shah—Grade 9–Gold Key— Critical Essay–Corruption in the American Health Care System—Michele Surat

Phu Vo—Grade 9–Silver Key—Personal Essay–Hearts That Don’ Beat—Michele Surat

Savannah Vonesh—Grade 11–Silver Key—Poetry—“Moment of Peace”–Devon Mattys

Savannah Vonesh—Grade 11–Honorable Mention—Critical Essay– The United States Is Not Religiously Tolerant Yet–Ed Coleman

Paige Walworth—Grade 11–Honorable Mention——Critical Essay– The Representation of the Rwandan Genocide in Film and the Verisimilitude of “Hotel Rwanda”—Michele Surat

Gabriella Watson—Grade 11—Honorable Mention–Personal Essay & Memoir—On Grief—Ed Coleman

Ada Woo—Grade 10—Honorable Mention—Critical Essay–The Hypocrisies Within Zoos–Cecilia Boswell

Great job, Dragons!