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A round of applause for Ms. Erin Ortiz, MLWGS social worker, during National School Counselors Week

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Today during National School Counselors Week, we recognize Ms. Erin Ortiz, our school social worker. “I want to talk to you about how I stay focused on each of you,” said Ms. Ortiz. “Do you know why I try to greet you by name each day? I want to get a sense of how you’re feeling, and I also want you to feel warmly welcomed to school. but when I’m in my office, I’m also learning about you. I’m looking at lots of school data that tells me how all of the students are doing. When I know what makes you YOU, I know how I can best help you.”

“Are you struggling with something or is there a success you’d like to share?  Come see me…I’m here to listen to you.”