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Online Economics and Personal Finance

Course Description:

Course Numbers: Personal Finance 0181, 0184; Economics 0180, 0183        

Credit: ½ MLWGS credit per semester, both courses required for graduation.


Offered online during the academic year and online during the summer. Economics is offered in Summer Session 1 and during school year Semester 1. Personal Finance is offered in Summer Session 2 and during school year Semester 2. This course prepares students to function effectively as consumers, savers, investors, entrepreneurs, and active citizens. Students learn how economies and markets operate and how the United States’ economy and the global economy are interconnected. On a personal level, students learn that their own human capital is their most valuable resource. In addition, this course helps students develop thinking skills that include the analysis of real-world situations, economic reasoning, decision making, and problem solving.


Course Overview:          

Economics and Personal Finance is an online course designed by the state to support school compliance across the Commonwealth with the statewide requirement that each student complete a course on economics and a course on personal finance before graduation as well as completing an online course. This online course consists of two separate semesters and is designed as self-paced as a textbook replacement for teacher-led instruction. The course is offered at MLWGS as two separate semester courses, each worth ½ credit. The grade follows a standard 10-point scale and does count toward GPA calculations. This course is a requirement for graduation and both semesters must be completed prior to the end of the junior year for MLWGS students.


2022 Online Summer Course Dates – 

Online Summer Economics 2022 – Session 1:  July 5 – 26, 2022

Online Personal Finance 2022 – Session 2:  July 27 – August 17, 2022

Economics and Personal Finance Summer FAQs