Assistance information for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area

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As we all witness the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area, the question most often asked is “What can we do to help?”

Our counterpart in Texas, the Texas Education Agency (TEA), has provided some useful guidance.

As many of you are aware from news reports, the rain and flooding continues in many parts of the state, so TEA will not have a clear understanding of what is needed in affected communities and schools until the flood waters recede and the damage can be fully assessed.

Right now, TEA is focused on working with those schools and districts affected by this weather and flooding. In the short-term, they encourage anyone interested in assisting to donate to the American Red Cross.

The Houston Independent School District also recently posted a list of current needs for donations for its students and families.

Obviously, any decision about direct assistance is a local matter. We provide this information as a resource to inform and support any action you might consider to help during these difficult times.

We will provide more information on how we can support students in Texas once TEA can assess the full damage.



Steven R. Staples, Ed.D.

State Superintendent

Commonwealth of Virginia