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Community Service Fair at MLWGS, November 8th

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Students helping in a classroom. Caption reads life would be boring without service

Maggie Walker requires 140 hours of community service by the 3rd quarter of every student’s senior year. Each year the school holds a community service fair to help bring organizations and students together. This year the date of the fair is November 8th so that all students would have a chance to attend if interested.

The Freshman Class is being split into two groups, with the first group attending from 10:50-11:10 and the second group attending from 11:10-11:30. During lunch (11:30-noon) the Fair will be open to all interested students.

The following wonderful organizations are planning to attend: Governor’s School Foundation, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Courts for Kids, RampsRVA, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, The Doorways, VCU Health, Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site, and Sylvia’s Sisters.