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Dickson Benesh awarded the ‘School Support Award’ from The Actuarial Foundation

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“Congratulations Dickson and thank you for being a coach for this year’s Modeling the Future Challenge again,” said Nichole Semprit of The Actuarial Foundation. “You had the most qualifying teams this year, so we are pleased to offer you our School Support Award. We were extremely impressed by all the work that went into each team’s research and presentation. The Actuarial Foundation hopes that by participating in this challenge, students will continue to explore new mathematics classes, majors, and ultimately choose careers using actuarial science!”

The School Support Award is a recognition for your work as a coach for the most qualifying teams. Without volunteers like you, The Actuarial Foundation would not be able to have opportunities such as Modeling the Future.  

Maggie Walker’s Director, Dr. Robert Lowerre added, “it’s not surprising that Mr. Benesh would be honored in such a way.  His passion for Math Modeling has translated into a group of students who are just as excited about it as he is and who have performed accordingly.  This honor is a well-deserved affirmation of all of his hard work and we are all very proud of him and his accomplishments.”

Dickson Benesh has been the faculty advisor for the (MTFC) competition for three years, while also the faculty advisor for math modeling for 10 years. During that time his teams have been consistently competitive with collegiate-level talent while traveling to competitions in New York City, Phoenix, and Chicago.