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Dragon results from the National HS Chess Championship

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MW Chess team at Nationals

Photo courtesy of Gopal Bhagavatula 

Ten members of the MLWGS Dragon Chess Club participated in the 50th US National High School (K12) Chess Championship in Columbus, OH. Over 800 students from all around the US participated in the tournament held at the Columbus Convention Center on April 27 – 29. The five MLWGS students who played in the U1200 section won 2nd place(!!!) in the team standings. Three students placed in the U1200 section individual standings – John Corson (2nd place!) Kevin Ren (17th) and Rohit Bhagavatula (35th). Adriel Baretto and Cora Lewis also played in the U1200 section. The other students participating in the tournament were Nicholas Xie in the Championship section, Varun Natarajan in the U1900 section, our graduating seniors Eric Campbell, Trey Johnson and Santosh Dasari in the U1600 section.

Congratulations and a great showing for the team along with individual members.