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GSMUN XXII was an overwhelming success

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The MLWGS Model UN conference March 22-23 was an overwhelming success.  Over 500 delegates participated from the mid-Atlantic region.  “Dr. Ian Bremmer’s remarks on the future of geopolitics were insightful and thought-provoking,” said Max Smith, sponsor.  “The club’s biggest achievement was raising nearly $13,000 for its charity, the World Pediatric Project.”

Faculty member, Ms. Michelle Surat, had the following observations from her GSMUN experience; “I stopped by the Model UN Conference briefly on Friday evening and saw our students in action at the UN Security Council. I was most impressed by the professional demeanor of our students and the leadership of Som Mohapatra (Secretary General). Candid comments by the special speaker, Ian Bremmer, further enhanced our 3rd period English class.

On Saturday night I was the teacher chaperone for MLWGS students at the Richmond Forum where Ian Bremmer was the speaker. During his talk, Mr. Bremmer also mentioned his visit to Maggie Walker’s Model UN. In fact, I spoke with some teachers from Tucker High School who proudly said that some of their students were at the MLWGS Model UN. (They were also sad that we “stole” their good principal.)

It is so fortunate that we have such a program. Perhaps one day when a wealthy benefactor makes it possible, our students will be able to attend the International Model UN held at the Hague in January.”  We can hope!

We are grateful to the students of Model UN Club for their dedication to our annual conference, marking it was one of the largest, most successful in our region.

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