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Math Art Seminar students have work accepted for display at the Bridges Mathematical Art Conference, Stockholm, Sweden. A first for MW!

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Artists 1-3: Josie Martin, Meg Taylor, and teacher Ryan Webb

Today is an exciting day for the Math Art Seminar students. In March two seniors, Josie Martin (Richmond) and Meg Taylor (Chesterfield), submitted artwork to the Bridges Mathematical Art Conference for consideration to be included in their 2018 gallery. The Bridges foundation is the largest math art organization in the world, and their annual conference is their crown jewel. This year the conference will be held in Stockholm, Sweden in July.

From the global pool of applicants, approximately 200 artists are chosen for the 5-day exhibition. There are no divisions, so Josie’s and Meg’s work were considered alongside the works of professional artists, professional mathematicians, math professors, etc. that represent the most creative minds in mathematics today.

I am so excited to announce that BOTH of their works have been accepted to be on display at the exhibit.

Mr. Webb stated that he spent some time combing through the artists from previous years, and to his knowledge, these two young ladies are the first two high school students ever to be accepted to the conference! 

There are so many people that go into making something like this possible, that to start a list of “thank you” would mean that we would leave someone out for sure, but understand that this accomplishment is only possible because this school is what it is.

While we are still unsure if they will be able to attend in person, we will make sure that their artwork is there, because Mr. Webb submitted work and it was accepted as well!

Ryan Webb
Mathematics Faculty