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MLWGS Bhangra Club wins 1st Place at the Festival of India

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The MLWGS Bhangra Club competed this past Sunday at the Festival of India and danced their way to first place in their age category. Congratulations to Captains Sania Jain, Bharathi Kancharla, and Nithya Ravula; Vice Captains Hasika Aaravabhoomi and Tanvi Palavalas; and team members Aditya Badhrayan, Sadie Hall, Ira Prakash, Rachael Sharon-Gupta, and Sowmya Narra. 

“It was an exhilarating performance and many MLWGS students were in attendance to support their friends. Best of all, we have a huge trophy to add to the school’s collection,” said sponsor, Amanda Lemco. “Keep up the great work and we look forward to the MLWGS Bhangra Team’s next performance at Fall Festival!”

Congratulations to the Bhangra Club!