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MLWGS Math Modeling Team Excels in the HiMCM

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Congratulations to the team of Adhvikaa Ambikapathi Revathi-’21 Henrico, Carleigh Heckel-’23 Hanover, Michelle Quach-’21-Henrico, and Ivory Tang-’21 Chesterfield (also known as ‘Ants on Skis’) for their outstanding achievement in the HiMCM.  They were designated Finalists (top 8%) in the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) which had almost 800 competing teams worldwide.

This challenging competition asked students to create a mathematical model to help high school students determine the best summer job for them.  The team’s 23-page paper details the specifications for their own app (called Anthill) which presents to users the results of their vector-based exponential model.  Well done Ants on Skis!

Congrats Adhvikaa, Carleigh, Michelle, and Ivory!

Math Modeling is coached by Dickson Benesh, Math Faculty.