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MLWGS Regional School Board Meeting on Thursday, October 19 @ 9:00 am

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The Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School Regional Board meeting will be held on Thursday, October 19, 2023, at 9:00 am.  Location: MLWGS, Room 153.

During this meeting, the board plans to recognize the service of its members who are leaving their school board seats at the end of 2023. The members to be recognized are Ms. Debbie Bailey, Ms. Martha Harris, Mr. John Wright, Ms. Micky Ogburn, and Ms. Valarie Ayers, who has been the longest-serving member of the board. The school will also be recognized for achieving Platinum Distinction on the College Board AP Honor Roll. 

The board will be engaged in several activities, such as reviewing the current financial reports and personnel changes and evaluating the progress of the strategic plan. They are being requested to approve 4 international trip proposals for 2024, along with new and amended policy. The trips include a) London, b) London/Paris/Madrid, c) Costa Rica, and d) Ireland. Additionally, the director will present his monthly reports and provide division members with their AY25 student slot commitment letters.

During the first read items, the board will review a new trip proposal to France in 2024 and new course proposals for AY25.

The new business will involve AY25 financial planning to address salary discrepancies and needed capital improvement at MLWGS.

The October meeting packet can be viewed here.   

Persons unable to attend in-person but wanting to address the Regional School Board during the public comment period are invited to use this form to submit their comments by 10:00 am, Wednesday, October 18, 2023, or email their remarks to the Board Clerk.