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MW TSA Club with strong showing at Technosphere, May 3-5

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Students at Competition

After spending this year working together as a team, the MW Technology Student Association Club (TSA) finished with outstanding results at Technosphere in Hampton, Virginia last weekend:

Senthil Meyyappan (’21-Henrico)

1st place:  Future Technology Teacher

2nd place: Extemporaneous Presentation

Individual Award:  William T. Reed Most Competitive Technosphere Participant

Jaeson Martin (’21-Henrico), Kapil Iyer (’21-Henrico), Jacob Lee (’21-Chesterfield), and Senthil Meyyappan

2nd place:  On-Demand Video

Pooja Muthuraj (’22-Richmond), Isabella Lee (’22-Chesterfield), Jacob Lee, Kapil Iyer, and Jaeson Martin

3rd place:  Music Production

Ankit Agrawal (’22-Henrico), Ronit Jain (’22-Henrico), and Nate Bampton (’21-Chesterfield)

8th place:  System Control Technology

Schubin Chon (’22-Chesterfield), Senthil Meyyappan, Jaeson Martin, Kapil Iyer, Pooja Muthuraj, and Isabella Lee,

10th place:  Board Game Design


8th place:  Lynn P. Barrier Outstanding School Division

Congratulations to all of the MW TSA students and their sponsor, Mr. Tom Boyle. 

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