Orientation and welcome for new MLWGS regional school board members, January 15

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We are pleased to welcome Ms. Debbie Bailey, representing Chesterfield County Public Schools and Ms. Jill Andrews, representing Prince George County Public Schools to the Regional School Board of Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School.  Today, both board members had an orientation with school director, Dr. Bob Lowerre, and enjoyed a luncheon with students of their respective divisions. Mr. John Wilkes, MLWGS Social Studies faculty, also attended to share his knowledge of school history as he the only remaining teacher who has been with us since the beginnings of MLWGS. 

Students attending include Chesterfield seniors Naija Barakat and Abigail Joyce and Prince George juniors Emma Davis and Erin Winters. 

We also welcome Mr. Royce Paige representing Charles City Public Schools, to the regional school board but with regrets, he was unable to attend orientation.