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Renewable Energy Installation at MLWGS

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As part of our performance contact with Siemens, the final phase of our effort to reduce our energy consumption is underway.  A performance contract provides for the procurement and installation of improvement measures that are designed to meet a specified level of energy savings thereby paying for themselves in guaranteed savings.  In addition to the installation of a new building automation system, interior and exterior led lighting, and water conservation measures, our 1+ year project concludes with the installation of a solar array and vertical wind turbine.  Many thanks to our Board, Superintendents, and community for the ongoing support that brings this project to fruition.   As a Siemens engineer said today, Maggie Walker herself would be proud of the pioneering spirit that continues at this historic facility.IMG_1934[1] IMG_1913[1] IMG_1907[1]IMG_1921[1]