Save the date for a MW tradition and learn more: GSMUN XXIII, March 20-21, 2020

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Students in the auditorium

GSMUN brings students together from surrounding counties and cities to debate important international issues and to develop diplomacy in the next generation of world leaders. In March 2019, nearly 500 delegates from schools in central Virginia and surrounding areas discussed, debated, and found solutions for some of the greatest challenges facing our world today. GSMUN XXIII has been organized through the year-long efforts of our eleven-person secretariat board and the Model UN club sponsor, Mr. Smith. Our committees this year include the Silicon Valley: Tech Giants, the Transitional Military Council of Sudan, a joint crisis committee on the Malayan Emergency, 5 fast-paced UN Core Committees, and many more. These committees are the product of 10 months of planning by the secretariat board and our dedicated dais members. All the students and staff involved are incredibly excited to see the level of debate and fundraising that our delegates can bring throughout the weekend. More information on the conference schedule and background can be found at https://www.gsmun.net/ .