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The culminating activity for the Senior Seminar/Mentorship Program is Senior Showcase. This event is devoted to the seniors who have spent the last year in either a seminar or mentorship studying and researching a field of particular interest. Seminar students work collaboratively in each of their respective seminars to create a presentation about their year of study. Mentorship students present their specific type of mentorship experience, as well as the research they undertook during that process.  This year’s Senior Showcase event will be done digitally due to Covid-19.  Seminar and Mentorship students will produce digitally recorded presentations as a way to communicate their research to an audience in a professionally appropriate manner.  Because the sessions will be digitally recorded, students, faculty, mentors, parents, and guests are able to view the sessions at their convenience, and they are able to view all sessions that interest them.  The Senior Showcase link ( will be activated on June 10th.