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Seniors Kenney and Mudinur recognized as change-agents for MLWGS

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We would like to recognize Isabella Kenney and Rohini Mudinur, two seniors who have created Bonsai Balance Seminars. Their program aims to help incoming freshmen adjust to the environment at Maggie Walker and achieve a positive work-life balance. 

Isabella and Rohini spent years developing this curriculum of six seminars with a mentoring component and launched the program this year as a part of the National Honor Society. Next year, Maggie Walker will implement a “Dragon Advisory” period for freshman, which will be a 30-minute block of time dedicated to delivering the Bonsai curriculum and a few other topics during our 8-period Fridays. Lessons will include community-building activities and cover topics such as the honor code, study skills, effective homework habits, tips for balancing academics with sports and clubs, peer-to peer tutoring assistance, digital citizenship, and key wellbeing practices, such as healthy sleep habits. Similar to this year, the lessons will be student-led by 72 junior and senior members of NHS. Student leaders will be supervised by a team of 12 faculty advisors.

National Honor Society sponsor, Dr. Rachel Loving, would like recognize Isabella and Rohini for their vision, hard work, and willingness to be a change-agent in the school.