Students return to campus Monday, March 15

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Dragons are returning to in-person classes at Maggie Walker Governor’s School on Monday, March 15th bringing students back face-to-face for the first time this academic year.

Students are returning under a hybrid approach with in-person half the time and virtual the other half on an alpha rotation. Most Fridays will remain asynchronous learning from home.  Students who have opted to remain virtual will continue to learn remotely.

The return of students comes after the Regional School Board voted on February 25th to authorize the school’s reopening plan on a unanimous vote. A March 15 opening allows the necessary time to implement 2-rounds needed for vaccination to employees for the COVID-19. 

With Dragons back in the building and on the grounds, the school will require students and teachers to wear masks.  Other safety strategies in place include 6 feet of distancing, improvements to the school’s air filtration system, and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting. Our leadership team will perform unannounced checks to make sure proper procedures are being followed.

Welcome back Dragons! We very much are looking forward to having your presence on campus again.