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Team 422 wins Entrepreneurship Award at FIRST District Competition

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At the Richmond competition last weekend, MLWGS Team 422 won the Entrepreneurship Award that was co-hosted by Team 2928

Team 422 is sponsored by faculty member Mr. Mark Sailer.

Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perking Caufield & Byers

This award celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and recognizes a team that has developed a comprehensive business plan in order to define, manage, and achieve the team’s ongoing objectives. This team displays entrepreneurial enthusiasm as well as demonstrates the vital planning and business skills to ensure a self-sustaining program.

To be eligible, the team must bring a Summary Business Plan to each event and be able to explain to the judges how the plan helps to ensure the team’s continued participation in FIRST. This summary business plan must be turned into the judges during the pit interviews.

All members of the team should be able to clearly and concisely explain how the team plans to be sustainable for many years moving forward.

Team 422 sends a big thank-you to its sponsors who provide these opportunities to them.