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The International Language Fair was a hit…again!

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The International Language Fair for Middle School Students, March 4, 2023.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made the 2023 International Language Festival a success! You handled numerous complications—some foreseeable, others unpredictable—with maturity, wisdom and composure. In making my way around the building all morning long, I saw over a hundred middle-school students engaged, entertained, and stimulated by the entire program—from the efficient check-in and warm welcome in the Auditorium to the varied and well-organized sessions, to the bountiful lunch and enthusiastic, Bhangra-powered farewell.

I am so grateful to the many student leaders and volunteers who devoted countless hours over several months to make this happen. I am thankful also for the teachers and Maggie Walker staff members who guided our student leaders and oversaw the fair’s preparation and execution, including Ruth Bradner, Yoko Eshita, Carlisa Gunter, Bob Jenkins, Rana Khashroom, Amanda Lemco, Kristen Macklin, Alecia Nichols, and Stephanie Welles, as well as David Bortz, Nick Merillat, Warren Smith, Deborah Snagg, and others. If you are in the “others” grouping, I deeply regret my failure to name you here; there were so many valuable contributors to this enterprise.

Again, many thanks to everyone. This will be a tough act to follow next year, but I look forward to trying.

Michael White, Department Chair