MLWGS will close early on Friday, April 20 @ 1 pm due to weather conditions. All after-school activities are cancelled.

The Mech Tech Dragons will be participating in the FIRST Chesapeake district championship this week (Wed-Sat April 10-13)

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Mech tech team with robot

There will be live stream access to the matches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You can follow with the matches at The Blue Alliance (

and access event information and field stream links

Week 7 – Championship –

Event Description: Free and open to the public. Fifty-eight of the best and brightest high school robotics teams will be competing in this two-day event. Cheer on your favorite team or learn more about bringing FIRST Robotics Programs to your community. FIRST Robotics Competition is recognized as the premier high school engineering challenge.

Good luck to the students that will be attending this competition:

1 Mason McCray

2 Nathan Hayes

3 Lydia Thesier

4 Margaret Earnest

5 Gayatri Tyagi            

6 Ankit Agrawal

7 Kate Driebe

8 Chris Earnest          

9 Mira Eisenhauer

10 Zachary Fee

11 Hailey Hall

12 Ryan Harris

13 Josie Holland

14 Jayla Johnson

15 Justin Jones           

16 Ryan Kaplan

17 Quinn Kast

18 Grace Kemmerly

19 Eli Kin

20 Shreya Malani

21 Som Mohapatra     

22 Kiera O’Flynn       

23 Anthony Paiva

24 Amanda Perez       

25 Dennis Plotnikov

26 Sarah Pudwill

27 Devam Purohit

28 Shivram Ramkumar

29 Sanjiv Rao

30 Cora Ritchie

31 Ajay Srinivasan     

32 Amar Srinivasan

33 Jessie Steadman

34 Raina Tian

35 Raghav Venkataramani

36 Connor Webb

37 Noah Welenteychik          

38 Daniel Xue