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College Admissions Networking…

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As you know, our senior counselors routinely visit the U.S. colleges and universities that are most appealing to our students.  This year, they waded into international waters by attending a conference in Barcelona where they promoted our school to international universities.  They also paid a visit Oxford where they were able to catch up with one of our graduates.  While there, they scheduled one-one meetings with Oxford/Cambridge counselors to gain a deeper understanding of the admissions process at these universities.  Among other things, our counselors received tips on the UK common application and on essay and personal statement writing.   What’s more, they investigated how MLWGS may be able to become “assessment site” for admission to Oxford and Cambridge.  Currently the closest site is in Washington, DC.  Having the opportunity to assess on site would be quite helpful our students and others among our regional partners.  Such domestic and international outreach is one of the many aspects of our school that make it so special for students and families.