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Its time to register for AP exams

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Students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses only: Although it is only October, it is already time to register for AP exams!

AP students must complete the registration process by October 22nd, 2021 to indicate which AP tests they plan to take (or not take) in May of 2022. AP exams are $96 per exam. In order to have an AP exam ordered for you, please complete ALL THREE of the following tasks by October 22nd, 2021:

  1. Join the AP course(s) in your account. Your teacher can help you with this if you have not already completed this task. (If you are self-studying for an exam, you will need to obtain an “exam only” code from Dr. Loving after your exam has been approved. NOTE: AP Statistics is pre-approved and Ms. Riles can provide the code.)
  2. Complete this AP Exam Order Form ( and indicate all exams you wish to take or not take this year. (If you DO NOT intend to take one or more of your AP exams, you STILL DO need to complete this form so that we have a record that you wish for the school to NOT order an exam for you.)
  3. Pay for your exams ($96 per exam) at (The link can also be found on by clicking “pay fees online.”)

It is exciting to think about this wonderful opportunity for students to earn college credit. Just like with most things, there are some important details to be mindful of with the registration process. Please register on time to avoid a $10 late fee in effect between October 23rd and November 15th. New this year: After November 15th, there will be a $40 add/drop fee per College Board regulations. A complete list of details including important dates to help avoid additional fees can be found here: Information about fee waivers/reductions can also be found here.

Please contact Dr. Loving ( with all questions regarding AP exam ordering (October 2021) and AP exam administration (May 2022).