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Last Notice for Summer Econ & Personal Finance classes

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Last chance to sign up for this summer’s MLW Economics and Personal Finance classes! Send an email to Mr. Z by this Friday, May 22nd to register.

The Economics class will appear in the course lists found in your Powerschool portal under Grades and Attendance starting next week if you have registered. Emails will go out from Ms. Hamilton, course instructor within the next few weeks instructing students how to get started on the course once we have uploaded students into the Virtual Virginia platform. The MLW Personal Finance class will not appear on your Powerschool portal until mid-July when Powerschool begins the school year 2020-21. 

Here is the blast that was sent out a couple of weeks ago:

Because many families have had summer plans altered by COVID 19, the Maggie Walker counseling department has seen an increase in requests for online summer economics and personal finance classes.  We have increased the course enrollment maximums to 200 students so that more students may register for the classes.

If you are interested in enrolling in these free summer online courses, please do the following:

  • Send an email to your counselor by May 22nd
  • Make sure to specify whether you would like both classes for this summer (most students take both classes if their schedules permit).
  • Please do not send an email to register for these classes if you already requested the classes previously. You can doublecheck your registration status by going through the Powerschool portal and clicking on the Class Registration icon. Economics and Personal Finance classes are listed separately in the Alternate Hours Requested list. If you see the courses listed here you are good to go and will be getting an email from the instructor Ms. Hamilton sometime in late May/early June when the class begins.

The classes will be filled in the order of requests.  Please note: these courses are not available for incoming students. Rising 9th graders may wish to consider taking these courses through their home school division if the student is eager to complete the requirement ahead of schedule.

 Dates for the classes are available on the school website summer assignments page. Students may be able to start the economics class in early June once rosters are set up but the minimum pacing will not begin until June 15th.   Please note that in order to accommodate the increased demand, grade updates, and transfers of the current course grade from Virtual Virginia to PowerSchool for parent updates will occur only at the interim or halfway point of each quarter’s course progress and the final grade for each quarter. However, students can always see their current updated grade in the Virtual Virginia Portal and can certainly share that progress with their parent or guardian. In a fast-paced online course, it is important that students keep up with due dates for lessons and assessments. Late penalties of 10% deduction per day will automatically be applied to late completions.

Mr. Z