Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School 2017 SAT and AP Exams

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Virginia’s 2017 public high school seniors outperformed their national peers in reading, writing, and mathematics on the revamped SAT. The College Board revised the college admissions test last year to better align the assessment with content students actually learn in high school and skills and knowledge identified as important to success in college.

Of the 51,613 Virginia public school 2017 graduates who took the SAT, 52 percent met or exceeded the SAT’s college-readiness benchmarks in both reading and writing, and mathematics.

Nationwide, 43 percent of SAT takers met the readiness standard on both sections of the test.

 The 2017 SAT Virginia All-Schools Mean SAT Scores table below includes the performance of private, parochial and home-schooled students, as well as public high school seniors.

2017 Virginia & National All-Schools Mean SAT Scores
Group Overall Reading & Writing Mathematics
Virginia Nation Virginia Nation Virginia Nation
All 1102 1060 561 533 541 527
Asian 1202 1181 590 569 611 612
Black 962 941 493 479 469 462
Hispanic 1063 990 542 500 521 489
White 1149 1118 586 565 562 553

The below totals represent College Board results for public schools only:

       2017 Overall          2017 Evidences-Based Reading & Writing      2017 Mathematics

MLWGS Virginia Nation MLWGS Virginia Nation MLWGS Virginia Nation
1421 1102 1070 720.5 560 538 700.5 541 533

The College Board also reported that 48,108, or 67 percent, of the 71,940 Virginia public high school students who took at least one Advanced Placement examination during 2016-2017 earned at least one score of three or higher, generally qualifying for college credit. Virginia public school students took a total of 143,221 AP exams during the year.  Within College Board totals, 497 MLWGS students took 1,287 AP exams with 95% obtaining a score of three or higher.