MLWGS Achieves Great Success in Math Modeling Competition

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ice dragon

This year MLWGS had four teams recognized as ‘Finalist’ in the HiMCM math modeling contest.  The Finalist designation puts those four teams in the top 8% of the 938 teams competing worldwide giving us the best results that we’ve had in five years. 

In this year’s competition teams chose either to tackle a problem coordinating a cluster of 500 drones or a problem developing a ski resort based on a topographic map.  Teams were given 36 hours to write papers detailing their approach to their chosen problem.  A day-and-a-half’s worth of exhausting effort resulted in papers that averaged around 15 pages in length.  Thanks go out to all twelve of the teams that participated.

The four Finalist teams were:

Team 7946:         Eric Campbell, Isabella Dula, Daniel Hall, Anuj Kotak

Team 7938:         Evan Donnellan, Will Larson, Tyler Stromberg, Nathan Taminger

Team 7939:         Angela Chen, Lauren Hall, Hannah Lee, Abigail Olson

Team 7937:         Veronika Matysiak, Taha Shaikh, Yashodhara Varma

Congratulations to all our teams and their sponsor, Mr. Benesh.