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MLWGS student ‘Tell Us’ luncheons with their division superintendent and school board representative are underway

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Beginning November 11th and continuing through Friday, December 6th, the Dragons of Maggie Walker Governor’s School attended a ‘Tell Us’ luncheon with their division superintendent and school board member during lunch block. 

Students were offered a sign-up genius for those interested to attend the luncheon on a first-come-first-serve basis and were asked to share ideas or any concerns they encounter on an everyday basis on this campus at their session. Students attending from all twelve divisions are provided a box lunch prepared by local vendors.
As they always do, the Dragons responded impressively and discussed a wide variety of topics that included their insights on the MW admission process and what the divisions could do differently to better prepare students for Maggie Walker. The luncheons allowed superintendents and school board members to hear directly from their students. It was also a great opportunity for students to listen to the opinions of other classmates. 
To date, seven of the twelve divisions have participated: Henrico, King & Queen, Hanover, Charles City, New Kent, Powhatan, and Prince George. The remaining luncheons are scheduled until December 6th.
Henrico students at lunch Henrico School Board member Ms. Micky Ogburn and Superintendent Dr. Amy Cashwell on Monday, November 11th. “I really enjoyed meeting our students,” said Micky Ogburn. “Our discussion centered around their many time commitments. The kids were mostly freshmen and sophomores. I was impressed that they were involved in so many extracurricular activities. Several were Nova swimmers, while others were involved with music and/or sports. They were happy students who were grateful for the opportunity to be versatile while learning a varied curriculum. There were several comments that there are more interesting courses to take than there is space in their schedules. They also talked about the Wonderful diversity of the school and how close they feel to their classmates.”
King & Queen School Board Member Ms. Harwood Hall on Tuesday, November 12th. Photograph supplied by Superintendent Dr. Carol Carter who was also in attendance. “Having lunch with our MLWGS students was such a special occasion,” said Dr. Carter.  “The Board chair, Harwood Hall, and I were able to talk with the students regarding issues they deal with to include classes, transportation, instruction, and homework.  We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with the students.  What a great event.”  
Hanover students and board memberHanover School Board member Mr. John Axselle and Superintendent Dr. Michael Gill on Thursday, November 14th. “As usual it was a most enjoyable and informative time having lunch with our students,” said John Axselle. “During our discussions, I realized our future is in good hands.”

Charles city students and board memberCharles City School Board member Ms. Martha Harris and Superintendent Dr. David Gaston (not pictured) on Thursday, November 14th. Dr. Gaston said he enjoyed the chance to dialogue with students, “this opportunity is a wonderful event that provides us with the chance to connect with our magnet students at Maggie Walker every year and to hear about the incredible opportunities that they have available to them at this school. It also gives us a chance to better understand any challenges or adjustments that they face as they transition to Maggie Walker or as they matriculate to each grade level, allowing us to provide them with a stronger layer and level of support from their home schools.”New Kent students and school boardNew Kent School Board member Mrs. Sarah Barber and Superintendent Mr. Brian Nichols on Thursday on November 14th. Mrs. Barber is the current chair of the MLWGS Regional School Board. “The opportunity to spend time with our students at the Maggie Walker luncheon was invaluable,” said Mr. Nichols.  They spoke passionately about their preparation, opportunities, and future plans because of their time at the school. Maggie Walker is an incredible asset to New Kent County Public Schools and our students who attend the program.”

Powhatan students with school boardPowhatan School Board member Mrs. Valarie Ayers and Superintendent Dr. Eric Jones on Friday, November 15th. After the luncheon, Valarie Ayers, one of our longest-serving MLWGS board members, remarked “when you walk through the doors of Maggie Walker Governor’s School you know immediately what an incredible institution this is. And then when you meet the students, they affirm that impression.  These students are so talented!”
Prince George Leadership and studentsPrince George School Board member Mr. Robert Eley and Superintendent Dr. Lisa Pennycuff on Monday, November 18th.  Dr. Pennycuff remarked, “thank you for this wonderful opportunity to hear from our Prince George students about their experiences here at Maggie Walker. They shared with us that their favorite academics include AP US History because of the teacher, Model UN, and their extracurricular activities such as playing on the JV basketball and field hockey teams.” Rob Eley added, “it was a great opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with the students from Prince George. The students seem to enjoy their time at MLWGS and look forward to their remaining years before graduation.”
The MLWGS Regional School Board is thankful to the students who have graciously participated in this series of luncheons.