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MLWGS takes 3rd place at We the People National Finals

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VA Civics We the People Medals

The We the People National Finals Challenge was held on Saturday, April 25, and Sunday, April 26, 2020. Easthampton High School in Massachusetts placed first, Lincoln High School from Oregon was second, and Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School from Virginia was third. Six Hundred forty-five high school students from 30 We the People classes from throughout the nation participated in 180 simulated congressional hearings on government and the Constitution. The event was held live using Zoom. 

This is the school’s 22nd appearance at Nationals. The Dragons were aiming to continue their streak of top ten finishes and they succeeded again.

Congratulations, Dragons!

Team Sponsor and Teacher: Mr. Sam Ulmschneider

 Team Members:

Naija S. Barakat (Chesterfield)
Caroline M. Brickley (Henrico)
Alexander F. Broening (Richmond)
Maximilian B. Broening (Richmond)
Emma K. Chun (Henrico)
Stella C. Davies (Richmond)
Katherine S. Farmer (Richmond)
Emily R. Frame (Powhatan)
Kailey M. Gagne (Hanover)
Isabelle R. Giorgis (Hanover)
Mary Caroline Heinen (Richmond)
Jacob S. Honig (Richmond)
Abigail D. Joyce (Chesterfield)
Kaya E. Lee (Chesterfield)
Grace L. May (Hanover)
Cameron D. Nessar (Henrico)
Julia A. Ochsenhirt (Henrico)
Henry L. Paulson (Richmond)
Holly S. Stephens (Henrico)
Donovan K. Stollsteimer (Chesterfield)
Christopher J. Walker (Richmond)
Lida H. Wolman (Henrico)
Jacqueline L. Yu (Henrico)
Richard G. Zhai (Henrico

 WTP Awards Ceremony, MLWGS @ 8:55